It is not easy to determine which road to take if you have made a conscious decision to make your personal wealth work harder for you by investing!

It is difficult to make financial investments, else we would all be doing it. It’s similar to playing poker in that you must make smart decisions about whether to continue putting more money into an enterprise or cut your losses and call it a day.

Investing in real estate can provide a financially secure future for you and your family, but there are other options.

Financial investors have been trading fiat currencies on overseas exchanges such as the US dollar and Euro for decades. However, thanks to significant technological improvements, even ordinary people can now trade the currency markets. Users can watch market price movements using real-time charts and technical indicators thanks to award-winning software. So, what precisely are the advantages of investing in FX, and how do they compare to property investment?

The allure of FX investing

Those considering going into forex trading may be encouraged to know that some investors have started with as little as Ksh. 1000 – Ksh. 3000 in their trading accounts. Many of the biggest forex brokers provide leverage, allowing you to trade thousands of units of a currency with as little as Ksh 6000 – Ksh 13000. It’s also worth noting that the FX market is one of the world’s most liquid investment markets. 

When we talk about liquidity, we mean that there is always someone willing to buy what you’re selling and vice versa. It may be easier to sell a currency that isn’t functioning as well as you had intended than it is to sell a home that is a money drain.

Investors that engage in forex trading avoid the hassle of haggling over a price with the opposing buying or selling party. Sellers won’t have to exert the effort of “selling” or marketing their currency to potential buyers because buyers will know they are obtaining the best market price at the time of opening a deal.

The allure of real estate investing

The real estate market is very different from the FX market. Those that are committed to learning the qualities that buyers value in a property can more effectively advertise and promote it to get the best price. Of course, it’s crucial to remember the potential passive income buy-to-let investors may receive.

Property investment will suit those who desire to make little, regular profits. Alternatively, given that foreign currencies vary more quickly than the real estate markets and that volatility often leads to investment opportunities, you might select forex as an investment vehicle if you prefer owning a property that can be sold for a higher price in the short or long term.

Finally, property investment still provides a good mix of consistent rental income and capital gains compared to Forex trading that generates lower returns than real estate when it comes to profitability. Those who aren’t too concerned with little and consistent short-term income but are interested in capital gains may opt to engage in forex, where your return on investment is only limited by your ability to make the appropriate deals.  The state of the nation’s economy is one of several external factors that affect the currency trading market’s volatility as of real estate 

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