The Benefits of Kangundo Road Plots for Sale Investments

Due to their close proximity to the Nairobi Downtown, plots in Kangundo Road are highly sought after by Nairobi residents.

Investors are searching for properties to invest in, either to establish their families or for capital earnings, as the year has just began. To set the limelight on Kangundo Road and the reasons that just about every investor searches for affordable plots in these suburban communities.

Specifications of plots along Kangundo Road

Did you know that some of the most desirable and reasonably priced plots for sale both commercial and residential construction can be found on Kangundo Road? Outer regions like Kangundo Road, an hour’s drive from Nairobi’s downtown, are proving to be a top choice for investors as more Kenyans leave the crowded and expensive metropolis of Nairobi.

Here are a few things that influence the demand for land along Kangundo Road:

  1. For the past few years, the price of land in this area has increased. According to research, similar-sized land that was once sold for between Ksh 150,000 and Ksh 220,000 is now going for between Ksh 1M and Ksh 1.2 M.
  2. As a result of Machakos County’s rise in infrastructure investment from Ksh347.4 billion to Ksh396.8 billion, the region will continue to see an increase in infrastructure developments.
  3. Due to its close proximity to Nairobi’s central business district, Kangundo Road is a cosmopolitan location where Nairobians desire to invest.
  4. Better public transportation is available in the region, and nearby companies have opened.
  5. Kangundo Road’s dual carriageway expansion, which is under construction would reduce traffic congestion and speed up access to Kangundo Road from Nairobi. This will allow for investment in the region.
  6. Also in addition, The area’s accessibility to building supplies has made it simpler for investors to develop their houses.

Seemingly, this is the ideal moment to invest if you’re searching for an affordable plot for sale in Kangundo Road because land values are anticipated to increase further as existing investors continue to build their residences and current infrastructure projects are finished.

We are also glad to announce that we are having a project in this suburban region! These 50* 100 plots are situated in a breath taking area; something worthwhile for YOU as a investor! For enquiries, contact us on 0701400500 or to check out our listings.

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